We promote the football like best way to suceed in life . We work we football group and association in differents communities of Cameroon , to reach defavorate children to identify them with approval of their parents to rehabilitate them in educational institution. This work need patience and time to observe and analyzes the life of population in poorest communities to know their real problem and solve them easily.

In our level we have find in football  one best way to sreach easily the defavorate population to solve problem.

 Every day children of different town of

Yaoundé - Briqueterie , Nlongkak , Etoa Meki ,

 Douala -  IPD , KM 5 ,NEW BELL

 MINKA in rural zone

come in  one of differents football association and group to train  , we use this happily enjoy to rehabilitate  these children with social survey and enrolment in educational institution