Peace One Day 207

Peace one Day 2017 is special with anglophone crisis which has serious impact in our Country. In partnership with local coaches and some institutions of civil society , we have tried to launch activities to promote Peace One Day in Cameroun.
This year many communities have binvolved  to promote Peace One day .
We have registered approximatly 20.000 - 50.000 persons have been  touch by messages of peace send by messages , social network , and others way of communication useful to reach people of differents communities from francophones zones of Douala and Yaounde and Anglophones zones of Mamfe and Buea represents by local coaches and responsables of institutions who have sent some message to promote peace in Cameroun.
We targeted the children, youths and adult people to promote  seriously Peace One Day using the CAC games during our session trainning.
To prepare  Peace One Day 2017 , we have organized several meeting together with local coaches to better understand the impact of CAC games to promote Peace in Cameroun.


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